Our story can seem a bit complicated, but if you want the short story, fate brought us together after multiple attempts. If you want the long story, keep reading... Before we ever met, we had the opportunity to live in the same city, and it didn't quite work out. A few years later, we both ended up as athletes at the University of West Alabama. E caught my eye early, and I caught hers (but for all the wrong reasons. I was covered in hives and crying). We didn't see each other much after that. Just a year later, E hung with some of my friends, and I felt like it was time to make a move. Shy at first, I left E to initiate any conversations. We talked for a few short weeks before life took us in different directions. Although we were focusing on aspects outside of each other, the Universe was forcing us on each other every chance it got. We couldn't avoid seeing each other. We had no choice but to give in. After a few months, E became my good luck charm. I had my best softball season ever, and she finished her bachelor's. We spent countless nights awake sharing tons of stories and common interests. After spending the first summer together, we were sure we had an unbreakable bond. The following school year brought its own difficulties, but nothing could shake us up, especially since Covid-19 didn't allow us to spend much time apart. After moving to Ohio together we both knew we couldn't be without each other, and after a year and a half of official dating, E surprised me with a beautiful proposal on a spectacular night in St. Augustine, FL.